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if you confused about someone’s intention toward you, this reading will give you insight about what he/she true intentions toward you/his future actions/why he/she confuses you? why you couldn’t read him/her

This will give you peace of mind about this person’s intentions and will make you able to act correctly and be ready and planning ahead

This reading can be for any person, a lover/friend/call league /husband etc

The information I will need to connect with you:

-your email to receive the link of the reading

- you and your person’s first name and date of birth

- when the last time you and your person communicated?

- who is this person to you? A husband/lover/EX/ crush or a friend

-what is your and your person’s marital Status married/divorced/single or separated etc

** please note any missing or wrong information will affect the accuracy of your reading

* the reading will be a 20 min recorded video and you the link will be sent to your email

* the link will be delivered after 15 days from your purchase

* if you need express delivery(after 48 hours) you can pay the express delivery fee and add it to your order

* this reading will not answer any extra questions you might type in the description box.

* I don’t need much information to read the tarot cards for you, but if you want to add a brief description of the story or any other information you are more than welcome to add it.

* you are also welcome to communicate with us via email at anytime

* please note that tarot doesn’t make any decisions for you and you have free will to make your own choices.

* there is no exchange or refund once you received your reading

* the reading is not to replace any medical/financial or legal advice from your official advisors

* hope you enjoy your reading and have a great experience with us.

What is this person’s true intention toward me?

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