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      Queen of the Night, Has several talents for insight, telepathy and energy reading from a distance. She is using her spiritual gifts as a certified angel and tarot card reader of over 10 years. Her unique spiritual gifts of clairvoyance, 4 seers, an Intuitive Empath, and an Emotional Healer are just a few high qualities. She also specializes in  TwinFlame healing, Chakra alignment and clearing, various Meditation and Tapping techniques, Inner Child Work, and Self-Love Healing to empower her clients globally.

     After graduating with a Bachelor's of Science Chemistry/Biology, Queen worked as a Mathematics and Science teacher for 2 years and continued tutoring for 10 years. She decided  to branch into Pharmacy college and currently holding a Pharmacist Manager part-time position for 17 years. Furthermore, she studied business and marketing to enhance her successful professional career and online business.

     She's no stranger to a strong work ethic, longevity, or great leadership qualities with great integrity. Her passion and gifts of healing and teaching has impacted over millions of people, places, and businesses, internationally. She has successfully grown tremendously on YouTube and other major platforms while influencing many globally, today. 

     Queen of the Night currently resides in Australia and uses her free time enhancing spiritual creativity and spending quality time with her daughter.

               "Peace comes from within. Do not seek it outside"

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