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check if you have any spells, black magic, curse put on you/ 30 minutes recorded video, will deliver after 15 days of purchase. 
Revealing Magic and Negative Energy / Envy / black magic/ curse any kind of white or black magic has been put on youThis reading is useful to reveal the causes of the negative energy around you / stopping the situation at work and marriage and to know if it is due to a magic work, or just a psychological state.This reading includes the general energy of the , studying the causes of negative energy around you, detecting envy and jealousy, detecting the kind of magic, who put it on you  Detecting your psychological,  mental, and  spiritual state. Detect the people who you feel are the cause of negative energy and Determine the type of negative energy and give you the best soultion for your situation. and protect yourself in the future. Advice cards for you and 10 cards of angels' advice.Will also do cleansing for you from negative energy or envy, and any white magick, but not the black magick or curse. you need to mentionyour name and date of birth your emailbrief description about the situation

check if you have any spells, black magic, curse put on you

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